I'm a researcher and entrepreneur who's passionate about helping businesses get to know their users, in an effort to better align business needs and user needs. With over 10 years of product and service, B2B and B2C design and development experience, I've worked on a wide range of digital and hardware products, websites, apps, and software systems. My background in Human Factors Psychology allows me to look at problem solving from a user-centered, behaviorally-rooted perspective.

As a researcher, my Human Factors expertise underlies by ability to craft research protocols that provide rich, relevant insight into user behavior. Through a variety of research methodologies, I’m able to understand user perceptions, motivations, needs, and expectations, and extract pain points. This information better informs design decisions when creating product and service experiences to ultimately help people accomplish their goals and help businesses accomplish their objectives.

I’d love to talk more about how Anchor UX can help with your research and experience design needs. Send a message on over to hello@anchorux.com or through the contact form here on our site.