Experiences should be intentional, detailed, and full of empathy.

What is experience design?

Experience design is the practice of improving the quality of an experience by making interactions with products and services more useful, usable and compelling. Does the experience go beyond pure functionality to deliver an enjoyable experience for those who use it? Does it make life better? These types of questions are of concern for an experience design project.

What does this mean?

Designing a great experience goes beyond making things look and feel good. It should help people achieve their goals quickly and easily, and add in a little delight factor too. While the interface is most often connected to the User Experience (UX), all of your brand’s touchpoints (where users interact with your company) and platforms (how users interact with your company) facilitating user engagement matter too.

How is this done?

Client needs vary but we first take the time to deeply understand the areas your company is looking for help with and the challenges you are facing in creating exceptional experiences for your customers and users.

Looking for strategy help? We’ll create a UX Strategy, which is a blueprint of the experience you want to provide your users. It may be targeted, focusing specifically on refining an existing experience or creating a new one, or be more global, extending to the overall brand experience. We’ll work through your challenges together to define the strategy, identifying next steps to help you solve those challenges.

Want to jump in to focus on designing the experience? Through a collaborative, feedback-driven approach, workflow and design concepts can be rapidly prototyped and refined driving towards that exceptional experience.

As the concepts are refined into wireframes with a higher level of detail, whether individual interface screens, packaging, store front displays, or service experiences, all can be tested and improved along the way. The earlier we can test, the earlier we can collect and incorporate feedback until we’ve found that ideal experience.

After the concepts are completed, we can work with an internal team or contractor to bring the experience to life.

Ready to get started?