Move beyond assumptions, incorporate usability testing to uncover points of confusions and friction in the experiences you’re offering your users.

What is usability?

There are a number of attributes which influence the usability of a product or system. The usability, or ease-of-use of a product or system is determined by whether users are able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

What does this mean?

By observing real people as they experience your product or service, we’re able to validate assumptions, and uncover points of confusion and frustration. Seeing things through your customer’s eyes allows you to better connect and empathize with your end-user, which is why stakeholders are encouraged to participate in usability testing.

How we do this?

Whether it be live moderated or remote usability testing, we target people who are representative of your users, in the places where they would use your website, app, or product.

Expert usability evaluations are an effective approach to assess overall usability. User workflows and interactions are evaluated based on key product design principles and best practices in your industry.

Strengths and potential issues are synthesized into top recommendations that we'll guide you through on how to improve the usability of your product.


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